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  1. Christmas Rappin'

This is the REAL Claus family.


This is Santa Claus and I’m comin’ to your pad. Listen to your to mom; listen to your dad
When they tell you that it’s time to go to bed/ Close your eyes put down yo head
Be nice to the other kids and give ‘em lotsa hugs/An say yo prayers an don’ do drugs.

I’m Mrs. Santa, or call me Mrs. Claus/The elves call me Nancy, Santa calls me boss.
We love all you children, just the same, /Here come the reindeer, I forget their names.

I am Comet like the big green can/Out in da kitchen by yo mo dish pan.
Rappin’ ain ma thing and it make me feel Stupid/So I’m gonna give the mic to my man, Cool Cupid.

I’m Cool Cupid, the most fly guy/Flyin’ with the reindeer in the sky.
You wanna fly? You think you’re cool?You wanna get by, you need to stay in school.
Now I gotta go and pull da sled—all you little mommas get to bed.
Before I go it’s a righteous honor to bring on my gal DD Donder.

Thanks Cool Cupid yes it’s my world, I’m DD Donder and I’m Cupid’s girl.
D like in donut, O like in hole, N like Natalie, D like dough,
E like electric like electric train, R like in reindeer, and that’s my name: Donder.
Here comes Blitzen, hey folks listen: How’m I s’posed to find a rhyme for Blitzen?

I am Blitzen like in pro football, but I gotta splitz’n an I’ll see you all!

I am Dasher and I go real fast; workin’ for this Santa, man, is a gas.
Hey ya holidays gonna be fun—see ya later, I got to run.

They call me Dancer, when I got the feelin’ I feel the groove dance on the ceilin’;
Dance with the reindeer wherever we are, cuz I am Santa’s dancin’ star.
My time is up, we got to change; here come Prancer—( he’s a little strange).

Hi, I’m Prancer, the sensitive deer, I guess you might even say I’m (non-PC).
It’s my turn on the mike and I was just fixin’/ to introduce my good friend Vixen.

Hi I’m Vixen Santa says I’m cute I hear him callin I better scoot;
So I’ll say ciao and toodaloo, and here comes Rudolph to rap to you.

I am Rudolph and I’ve had a blast since I signed with Santa, but I’m not the last;
They signed a rookie juts this fall, here comes the kid, his name’s Jamal.

I’m Jamal, a new addition to Santa’ airborne deer tradition;
I’m the rookie, so I’ll give way, and all the reindeer can have their say.

WE are the reindeer on our way All the way from the pole to the USA.
But don’t go lookup in the sky to see if reindeer really fly;
We won’t come round until you’re sleepin’, so close your eyes, and no fair peekin!
No fair peeking/We elves wanna rap, too/Why don’t you wrap some packages? Ho ho.