Big Week Ahead for Media Darling CRABMEAT Thompson

  That’s right, friends and neighbors! This week I’ll be performing WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY nights. 

  WEDNESDAY, at 7, I’m interviewing and singing on “Cecil Jamboree," hosted by my good pal, Boxturtle Bob Chirnside. is CECIL TV. It’s on SKYPE. 

  SATURDAY at 7, I’ll wait my turn on another Philadelphia Area Songwriters’ Association house concert. It’s on ZOOM: 
Meeting ID: 860 1631 7708, Password: 072124 
Find your local number:   

All this limelight is serendipitous for me. I’ve just completed publishing my memoir, Tripping Through Paradise on Amazon: $9.99 in paperback and FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited. Several CDs on Amazon, too.

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