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CRABMEAT Thompson with Slim Charles

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Market Street Cafe, 315 Market Street, Charlestown, MD 21914

8-11 PM THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd, Charles Griffin will join me (the Crab) at the lovely and historical (=haunted) MARKET STREET CAFÉ in Charlestown, Maryland on the infamous Eastern Shore. Charles will play the (sea) Bass & guitar, and we’ll be accepting “rescue” zucchini. Market Street Café is easy to find—just south of Red Toad Road (no shit, I didn’t make that up). After that, only 5 days until the Iggles open pre-season against Tennessee, and we get a first look at the rookies, and Orlando Scandrick at corner, standing in for injured Cre von LeBlanc; and no, I didn't invent those names either.


TWO! April Fools


Bobturtle Bob will interview me and I will play three of my songs. 7PM Monday, April Fools Day. Don't miss it.



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CRABMEAT THOMPSON IN OCTOBER October 1st, 7 PM: I’m going to see JOHNNY NEAL at Twin Lakes brewery! October 6th, 4-7: SLIM CHARLES and I will rock the tent at VOLUNTEER BREWING in Middletown. Simon may join us. October 7th, 7:30, I will HOST the Open Mic at KENNETT FLASH in Kennett Square, PA. Show up early to sign up! October 20th, from NOON to 5, Charles and I will play and run the stage at BLACKBIRD FOREST FALL FESTIVAL, near Odessa, DE.



Next Monday, June 18th, I'll present the first of a three-part lecture/concert/singalong series: HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL at Corbit-Calloway Library in Odessa, from 6:30-7:20. Part One, PLAY IT LOUD, will include a history of the electric guitar and the music and times of the late 50s to 1964. Etta James sang about rollin’, Bill Haley spread the news, and Chuck Berry was king of the guitar. Elvis, Motown, the Coasters, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly, Girl Groups, Duane Eddy. “Youth culture” grows, and then the president was shot. All three lectures will examine BLUES structure and culture.

July 19th, at Corbit-Calloway, 6:30 PM: Part Two, SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK N ROLL will highlight BOB DYLAN and HIPPY, with “appearances” by Jimi Hendrix and Ken Kesey. Woodstock, British Invasion, Beatles, Clapton’s Blues.

August 9th, at Corbit-Calloway, 6:30 PM: Part Three will feature Eagles, Van Morrison, and the merging of Country and Western with R&R. Examples by Ray Charles, Steve Earle, the Burrito Brothers, and Chuck Berry (who states in his autobiography that “Maybelline” was his take on “Ida Ray,” by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys).

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