Jerry “Crabmeat” Thompson, M.A.  (302) 378 – 1327 (Tap "Crabmeat" for name explication)
“Crabmeat has a wide repertoire of songs, ranging from comments on the environment to political topics to material based on his travels or his career as a college teacher, all done with his trademark sense of humor. In addition, his musicianship on guitar, voice, and other instruments is superb and he always develops a rapport with any audience. Crabmeat Thompson is an excellent performer!” Mark Ellis, WVUD FM.

I've played and sung folk and original songs in comedy clubs, schools, libraries, halls, and pubs; and with Kate Wolfe, Richie Havens, poet Charles Bukowski, and Roscoe the Wonder Horse. The Delaware State Arts Council, has recognized my “artistic excellence,” and my song “Small Wonder,” about Delaware, made it into a Mel Bay book.
PDFs of "Small Wonder" are available  here:

I've been involved with ecology in Delaware and I appear in schools singing environmental songs and distributing Stretch Saves the Inland Bays, a coloring book I wrote and drew, and recently translated into Spanish with the aid of Yaisa Labanino. It's for sale at my store.

 Currently I tutor English as a Second Language at the University of Delaware's English Language Institute. I speak Spanish, and have worked with the US Dep’t of Agriculture’s Migrant Education program in southern Delaware. I have taught English at Oregon State University and in prison, and written a book about Chinese-Americans. With my wife, Janice, I teach English in Spain.
                                                                Discography (on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes)
Animals, Vegetables, and Mineral Springs, Spiritual Beer, Save the Bays, Down on the Ant Farm, Glory, Shop Until You Drop, South of the Moon, Crabmeat for Kids, Birthday Trampoline.

I always look for opportunities to use my creativity in teaching. I have produced and recorded students’ musical compositions including “Down on the Ant Farm” and “Save the Bays.” I  delivered a musical lecture “That is no Country for Young Men” at the Two-Year College symposium in Washington, D.C., which I reprised to a class at University College, Dublin, and at Corbit-Calloway Library this year.

I have a Master’s plus 45, a Delaware teaching certificate in Language Arts, and a California Community College credential.

He enseñado la literatura y la escritura a las universidades Oregon State, San Francisco State, Western Illinois y Rowan. Despues de enseñando el ingles y el español en la High School de Middletown por cinco años, he trabajado en los Colegios Condados en Delaware, Maryland, y Pennsylvania. También, persiguo mi carrera musical y trabajo estacional con el Departamento de Educación de Delaware. Trabajé en la oficina migratoria de D.O.E., proporcionando la traducción, ayuda con la salud y la educación, escuelas de verano, y alistando los niños en escuela.

Me alistan ahora en la Universidad de Delaware como estudiante de español con un menor en música. Enseño en colegios en Jennersville, PA, y en Lakeland, la Florida. Busco siempre oportunidades de utilizar mi creatividad en la enseñanza. Aparte de ganar aplausos de mis y estudiantes del Lit, he producido composiciones musicales de los estudiantes, incluyendo “abajo en la granja de la hormiga” y “salvar las bahías.”

 Trabajé con DNREC de Delaware por un par de años, cantando en las escuelas canciones ambientales y distribuyendo Stretch Saves the Inland Bays, un libro de colorante que escribí y que dibujé.
Tengo un Certificado Maestro más 45, un certificado de enseñanza de Delaware en artes de lengua, y credenciales del Instituto de Enseñanza Superior de California.