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I have posted easy downloads, FREE, of my Delaware song "Small Wonder." To get  them, hit the "My Music" button (above) and two pages of PDF version of the words and music will appear at the top, in red. Then further down are buttons which you can hit to download MP3 files of "Small Wonder" and "Bigfoot's Baby." Act fast! Baby Bigfoot's birthday is coming up!. Hope you enjoy.

Hi, I'm CRABBY! 

Crabmeat Thompson (me) is a musician, raconteur, and bon vivant playing the Delaware Valley off and on since 1980. My music and my shows are extremely various: I have MC'd comedy clubs in DE, NJ, PA, & FL, and I often give children's concerts. You can check out my calendar and see that I'm booked for a kindergarten as well as restaurants, two folk festivals (one my own),as well as a full-on Blues Festival with big name acts on several stages and big amps and roadies and celery & carrots and the… Read more

North America, mi casa! 

Don't know about you, but we here at Rancho Cangrejo's Chapel of All Sports are delighted that not one but TWO North American futbol teams won Game One. That's right--in a soulful attempt to force myself into WORLD CUP FRENZY I went out and bought an "El Tri" gorra (the green thing on my head) to cheer for Mexico.
Today at work Chinese and Arabic student language learners stared transfixed as Germany tromped the Portuguese. And I pitied them. Gawking at scoreless patooey, I said. But then, this afternoon, I… Read more

Hippy Birthdays! 

May 24th: Happy Birthday today to 2 unique fellow-Geminis: Bob Dylan and my good friend Glen Soulis in Waterloo, Ontario. Bob, of course, has been the number one influence on my musical life, if not that of the world, for the last 40 or 50 years. Glen has been a good, goofy friend since we met and hit it off in the late 80s. I was playing at the Rusty Rudder when a fellow named Spoon came up and bought one of my albums and asked if I would autograph it for his buddy in Canada.
“He and his partner have a… Read more

The Good News 

Dear Flock,This is to let you know that I have achieved enlightenment. Yes, through a combination of a hearty Mung bean sprout diet, physical exercise, and mental discipline, I have ascended to the plane of the spiritual masters and awakened the “inner light” or “third eye” point (see un-doctored photo above), located in the pineal gland and spoken of—in  hushed voices—by  the adepts and in the Bhaghavad Gita.
Not bragging—just “being real,” in the nouveau parlance I hear dropping like the wings… Read more

Why the Lord called me to be CRABMEAT 

"You see, mon bien, the 'Crab' moniker creates a whole Persona to hide my shy self behind. The word 'persona,' in fact, comes from the ancient Greek stage, where actors wore big masks with built-in megaphones, so that they spoke through (per) a ‘sonic enhancer' while hiding behind their masque. Thus they were louder, and they could disguise their timid, everyday souls and become Zeus or Antigone or whoever. And. not being recognized, they could later take out the garbage or go shopping without getting… Read more

New Years' Day, 2014 

 I WAS BORN IN PHILADELPHIA, darn it, not Winnepeg, and I am NOT a Canadian. I have never been to Canada, and in fact I don't even know where it is. Somewhere in the north I think? By Gibraltar? See--I am an American by God. I went to college in Iowa and got an M.A. from Western Illinois; then I taught there and at Oreogn State. NOT Ottawa. jeez. God bless everyone, especially those with rescue animals.
My I Ching reading for the year was Wei Chi: Before completion. The lines suggested it was good idea to… Read more

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Zombies 

 Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Zombies
1) Movement Is Life
2) Move Quietly
3) Help Each Other
4) Be Prepared
5) Listen To Your Dog
6) Turn Off Your Goddam Phone
7) A Zombie can ruin a good wife, but a good wife can ruin a Zombie movie by wondering why Brad Pitt can’t just find a cure for the poor Zombies rather than BLOWING THEIR HEADS OFF and only protecting Non-Zombies

Recent ups & Downs 

 I will MC and perform at the Blackbird Forest Fall Festival October 20th. Blackbird, a National Estuarine Research Site, is muy remote, and a beautiful place.


 Friday, May 25, 2012
IOWA! We had such a nice time there—a space away from everyday, in quiet idyllic but sort of drab since there’s just a sameness, miles and miles of fields, the same kind. But what civility-something that is sorely missing hereabouts but more on that later.

Went to my/our buddy Bob’s wedding to his sweetheart Anne. Whose family is in Iowa on a (!) farm. Tom and Janice, her folks, were a lively and interesting couple, open and warm in the midwestern style, and possessors of a… Read more